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Engine Simulator port

15 Aug 2022

This weekend I was linked a cool video and after finding out that the Linux port wasn't fully working I decided to lend a hand and help out. Anyone following along with this blog can probably guess that I also made an attempt at running it in the browser which, after getting the Linux port running, only required implementing a GLES renderer and further optimising some bits to make it run OKish on my machine. Fun fact: the web port had hot-loading support nearly a month before Windows, just ignore the rendering and input bugs.


20 Feb 2022

This weekend (and the last) was that time of year for another GAME JAME. You can find a better write up here and my entry here.

Networked Emscripten

30 Aug 2021

After messing around with PeerJS in a side project, I decided to try integrating it into my previous Emscripten project. A few days later and we now have networking in that terrible game engine.


4 Apr 2021

This weekend I participated in a game jam with some friends. You can find a better write up here and my entry here.

Site redesign

28 Feb 2021

Finally decided to redesign the site. Looks better now.

Emscripten tests

2 Oct 2020

Started messing around with Emscripten to see how it works. The outcome was a Monte Carlo simulation (click on the image to see the source code) and yet another terrible game engine.

It begins

27 Sep 2020

New site, who dis?